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If you are in Class 10th, 11th, 12th, B.A (Geography) or M.A (Geography), you could refresh your knowledge with this app. As well if you are preparing for any competitive exams, SSE, IAS, PSC, Staff-selection, Entrance exams that need Geography knowledge, this app shall be highly helpful.

We keep the application as simple as possible to let the learner focus only on the content.

This App is quite useful for all who studies Geography or doing research in Geography. The App can be used from 7th standard to M.Phil or D Phil. level. The App provides handy knowledge to those preparing for Competitive examinations. Certainly no app can replace the teacher, but still it provides subsistence to learners. The major benefit is, this App doesn't need internet connection for its working, i.e., it works offline.

<b> This app contains various topics about Geography some of them are : </b>

- Definition, Scope, and Branches of Physical Geography

- Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Lithosphere

- Wegners Theory of Continental Drift

- Igneous Rocks

- Sedimentary Rocks

- Classification of Mmetamorphic Rocks

- Geological Time Scale

- Rock Cycle

- Geomorphic Processes

- Weathering : Meaning

- Geography of India

- River Processes: Erosion, Transportation and Deposition

- Landforms Made by Fluvial Erosion

- Wind Erosion, Transportation and Deposition

- Glaciers

- Groundwater

- Karst Topography

- Penck’s Model of the Cycle of Erosion

- Meaning of Weather and Climate

- Atmospheric Pressure

- Wind and Causes

- Thornthwaite's Climatic Classification Hydrological Cycle

- Humidity and its Types

- Air Masses: Classification

- Cyclones

- Sea Waves

- Ocean Tides

- Ocean Deposits

- Climatology

Though we took great care in producing data to the app, still there may be certain unknown mistakes - these mistakes can be taken off in further advancements.

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